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Keep the Knees Bent

I was watching the Lakers/Spurs game the other night. The speed, agility and coordination of those athletes is amazing, isn’t it? One thing I noticed was that most of the players had their knees bent all the time. And they … Continue reading

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Kids Weight Leveling Off?

There’s a new study by the Center for Diseas Control (CDC), that says childhood obesity has leveled off.;_ylt=Al7v34BeWbz9Xq8IavWe6zHVJRIF The CDC points out that they have risen every year for the last 25.  They say 32% are overweight, 16% are … Continue reading

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Keep it fun

Exercise and movement need to be fun.  This is true for adults as well as kids.  Our kids wouldn’t have weight problems if they were outside playing for five hours a day.  They would be playing kick the can, tag, … Continue reading

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