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Your Own Customized Fitness Report

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably a parent or coach of a young athlete. I’ve written a new fitness quiz which gives you your very own customized report. It takes only a few seconds to take and your results are … Continue reading

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Why Do We Cut Kids From Teams?

I was talking to a friend of mine Thursday morning.  She told me about her son, who had gone out for his high school water polo team. He wasn’t a good enough swimmer and the coach had cut him from … Continue reading

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The Last Lecture and Sports I

I was watching “The Last Lecture” ( the other night.  It’s one of the most viewed videos on youtube.  There’s also a book too. Briefly, it’s a speech by a university professor who has terminal cancer.  It’s about having dreams and … Continue reading

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Steroids and Eating Disorders

There is a dark side to sports that many parents and coaches are unaware of. And this dark side can lead to dangerous consequences. There are more and more kids that are taking lessons from the pros and seeking easier … Continue reading

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“Why we should explain why…”

The other night, I was watching my son’s water polo practice. The coach was doing a real good job of having them work on fundamentals. His instructions were clear. His demonstrations good.  And his advice was insightful. As a matter … Continue reading

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