Running Technique Analyzed #1

I thought I’d look at some Youtube videos that teach running and do some analysis of them. Hopefully, there will be some good stuff.  A quick search and this was the first one I came across. It’s put out by Physical Education Teachers so it should be good…

Comments:  It’s not bad. I like that it shows progressions.  As an instructional video it really needs more information and details.  For instance:
1. What is the focus on foot plant? Toes, balls of the foot…it isn’t clear.
2.  What does she need to do to increase the speed?
3. What are her arms and legs doing?  What is she trying to accomplish? What does “lift heels” mean?
4.  Specific details on how fast and how far should she be running each rep.

I give it two stars.  I’m disappointed by it, since I’m a PE teacher too. Of course, from the ability of the PE teachers I see, teaching running isn’t something that’s covered in their curriculum.


About Ron Usher

Coach, teacher, and parent specializing in helping parents and their kids become fit and healthy.
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