Running Technique Analyzed #2

This one is a little bit better.

1. It’s nice to have some sound. And the music is ok, too.
2. I like the visual of the string to keep your eyes level. Too many kids run like bunny rabbits; bouncing up and down.
3. I’m not sure what “heel roll, push” means. And I don’t like kids thinking about “pushing” themselves forward. Pushing takes energy and tightens up the body. Runners and soccer players need to be relaxed.
4. He talks about arm movement being forward and backward. I like giving a visual or kinesthetic cue: pockets to pits, or shoulders to hips.
5. In one seen it looks like his hips are bouncing. In most he doesn’t and shows pretty good form.
6. I like the visual of the circle for the path of his foot. I also like the cue of “cycling” the foot.

I give this one three stars.


About Ron Usher

Coach, teacher, and parent specializing in helping parents and their kids become fit and healthy.
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1 Response to Running Technique Analyzed #2

  1. Susan says:

    “Heel Roll, Push” What he is teaching is a “heel toe gait pattern” Strike with heel, roll onto toes, push off. These cues are usually given when teaching ambulation. I have not heard those terms in relation to Running.

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