Coach Ron UsherAre you concerned about your child’s fitness and health? Perhaps they are overweight. Or maybe they are playing sports and looking to improve their skills and performance. If so, then continue reading…

Youth fitness is becoming increasingly popular and critical today. Many of our nations youth are overweight. They will suffer diabetes, heart disease and even cancer because of their lack of exercise and movement.

You as a parent must be concerned and be knowledgable. You must know the risks and concequences of your childs fitness. It is as important as their school work. And if you think a teacher, a coach, or a friend is going to solve your child’s fitness problems you’re mistaken.

You’ve found the right place to get started on helping your child become fit. I’m a PE teacher, and Adapted Physical Education Specialist, and I’ve coached youth sports for over 30 years. I’ve a Master’s in Kineseology from San Jose State. And I’m a father of a child who plays youth sports (swimming), doesn’t particularly like it and has a weight problem. I’m in the trenches with you.

I’ll have frequent updates and postings so come back regularly. Feel free to ask a question here or post comments. I welcome the feedback.

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  1. Doreen Rivera (Von Ruden) says:

    This seems so strange. I don’t know if you remember me, but I remember you! I am surprised and yet not surprised at the same time at how you are spending your life and who you are advocating for! I share your concerns and sentiments, but my influence has been on a much smaller scale, for sure! Ron, what a wonderful and relevant article. A tender heart shines through your knowledge and expertise. Thanks.

  2. Anne says:

    Given your background and your blog, I thought you might have some thoughts on a recent interview the Learning First Alliance conducted with Richard Simmons on the state of P.E. in public schools and his plan to improve it.

    The link is http://www.publicschoolinsights.org/?storyId=19340 if you want to give it a listen.

  3. Suzanna Fierstos (Sue Brown) says:

    Hello former SVST Coach. Do you remember me? Looks like the swimmers (Doreen) are finding out about the great path you have chosen to pursue. This issue is near and dear to my heart. There are so many health related issues with lack of physical fitness in schools. And; the impact that technology and fast-paced lives has a cascading effect. Coupled with unhealthy food choices these problems are far from reaching their apex. Four year-olds now being diagnosed with type II diabetes…so sad! Your advocacy is wake-up call all parents should heed.

    Wow! Hope you are well!

  4. Julie Austin says:

    Hi Ron,

    I ran across your article on kids running techniques and was wondering if I might reprint it on http://www.kidsfunruns.com, a content site with kids fun runs listings, articles, and giveaways with your byline and a link to your site. Thanks!

  5. Jonathan Beverly says:

    Hi Ron:

    I found some of your articles on the web, and seeing that you are a PE teacher and have an MA in Kineseology, you look like a great candidate for an interview for an article I’m writing about kids and running form/stride/minimal shoes. I’m trying to trace where we learn to run poorly (thus need orthotics and motion control shoes) and what parents/teachers/coaches can do to help the next generation not develop these errors. Can you send me an email and we can set up a time for me to call?

    Thank you.

    Jonathan Beverly
    Editor in Chief
    Running Times

  6. Sara says:

    Hi! Did you move your blog to a new location or just quit blogging? Thanks for the great articles. I have a kindergarten age son and I’m realizing we need to get outdoors and be active with him more. If you’ve moved to a new site, I’d love to follow you there. Thanks!

    • Ron Usher says:

      Hi Sara, sorry for the late response. I almost never use this site. Here are my two blogs:



      Athletic Skills is about youth sports for all ages. Coach Ron Usher is about fitness, health and education. I’m writing a lot on both sites.

      I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. I’m trying to use them more to promote my blog though at this time, I’m mostly writing posts.

      Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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